Europe in the Americas


Europe in the Americas is a journal precisely about Europe’s presence in the Americas: sorting out our history and current contact with the Americas and her people, as well as envisioning possibilities for future actions, interactions, and policy. Author Marian Douglas-Ungaro is an ethnic Black American (i.e., the indigenous slavery-descendant Black Community of the USA) writer, researcher and human rights consultant. As a product of the Americas, her family’s biological & cultural ancestry is African + European + Native American. She first visited Europe after graduating from high school in Pennsylvania, working as an au pair (providing child care) in a French family in the Department of Alps de Haute Provence. Fluent in several languages, she has since lived and worked in societies in the Americas and Africa as well as western & Balkan Europe. She is a fellow of Wilton Park & the Salzburg Seminar, and participated in the European Social Forums of 2003-04. In 2004, she was a speaker for the ESF plenary “Alliances We Need to Fight Racism” held at London’s Alexandra Palace. She and her spouse, author and retired Italian diplomat, Carlo Ungaro, are based in Washington and Rome.

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