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Almost a year ago some folks in Europe emailed to “congratulate” me on the individual who now is president of the United States. The present seems like an appropriate time to recap.

This offspring of a U.S. white slaveowner family and a chap from Kenya has no right to give the entire world an impression (as equally false as his relationship to Black America) that unilaterally he actually represents or has any right to speak for/in place of the Black American People.

In November 2008 no one from the Black American People, whose ancestors were enslaved in the United States, was elected president of the United States of America.

I am one of many dissenters yet our voices are not heard. Numbers of people have told me that within the United States, certain others are afraid to openly discuss these matters or to say what more than a few also know and honestly feel. In Black America, and beyond, people’s jobs, livelihoods, and even sense of belonging, are at stake.

Since the seeds of Obamania began to be carefully planted, voices of criticism, dissent and outrage have been smothered, marginalised and excluded from both U.S. national and international fora. And yet the facade, through exclusionary use of force (economic, political, etc), cannot forever be maintained.

A year on from the 2008 election, Austrialian (i.e. British by ancestry) journalist & commentator John Pilger asserts: “OBAMA IS A CORPORATE MARKETING CREATION”. And yet (since for some reason for most whites it always has been so hard – usually impossible – to seriously heed or even hear Black American voices and especially those dissenting on the basis of observable social and historical fact), Mr. Pilger still does not comprehend what, in his YouTube video, he derisively terms“identity” politics, in the way he erroneously seems to conceive of historical-cultural “blackness” as it relates to the past, present, judgement and behaviour of Barry/Barack Obama.

Mr. Obama comes from a family of White slaveowners. His U.S. family and community history definitely are not those of the Black People of the Americas: a People birthed into chattel enslavement and internationally trafficked by the transatlantic slave trade. Just go to U.S. Census records for his U.S. family versus mine or any other Black American. The first “clue” is that, unlike Mr. Obama’s U.S. ancestors (who happened to be White), before 1870, you will not find our enslaved Black American ancestors in any U.S. Census, listed by their own names along with their family and household. The discrepancies go on from there, both further back into the past and forward to the present and into the future.

Perhaps more than anyone, Black Americans’ British Caribbean cousins, now settled in the UK and elsewhere, should readily admit the (obvious) fact that long before there was a United States of America, BRITAIN transported Black Americans’ African ancestors to British North America, just as they did those whom they deposited in the Caribbean.

It was the British who sexually used and abused our Black (not White) female ancestors – and sold their children. It was the British who historically altered their own longstanding Law of Primogenitureinheritance to the first-born son – so that white men’s children with the Black women (& girls) of their American colonies could never rightfully be recognised by their fathers, their fathers’ families, nor within their own national society. They could inherit neither their own fathers’ property nor, legally, his name. (Reference: The English Virginia House of Burgesses, @ 1662)

These facts include the history of my family and of me. It includes Barack Obama’s family insofar as they were white slaveowners, but when is this ever discussed? And Mr. Obama’s father came from Kenya to the USA on an airplane, in the 20th century. How does the disparity in these facts not compute?

Thus it is a cruel, certainly amoral, irony that in his Youtube video, John Pilger speaks of the “phenomenon” of “finally” having a “black” president “in the Land of Slavery.” Obama’s family were the slaveowners.

OBAMA HAD SLAVEOWNING KIN – New York Times March 3, 2007

Some of us can only hope that, however currently “unpopular” and unwelcome, these facts and more which derive from them, finally will be allowed to “bubble” to the surface, not only of media, but of both global and U.S. domestic moral and political consciousness and thought.

Long before the fiasco of 2009’s Nobel Prize for “peace” (apologies to Afghanistan and Iraq), there was this most basic exploitation and co-optation of a history, of the historical, physical and kinship identity of a post-slavery People: a People created as saleable products, using sex and procreation against themselves, as anti-human commercial processes, forever mixed with immeasurable amounts of cowardice, violence, contempt and lust. In this “black” presidency, whatever scandal may remain to come, this one remains not least, but first.

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